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Party Items

Personalised Party Items:

Cup/Plate set: from $4

Party Box/Bags: from $3.50

Cutlery Sets: from $2

Cake Topper: from $15

Cupcake Topper: from $2.50

Mini Kitkat: from $3

M&M Tube: from $3

Pringles: from $6.50

Water Bottle: from $4

Play Doh: from $2.50

Lollipops: from $2

Party Activities:

Cup Cake Decorating Plate: from $2

Painting Set: from $6

Magic Potion Set: from $12

Prices depends on design and quantity.

Minimum order of 5 per item.

Can ship via NZ Post or Pick up available in Rural Waiuku.

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